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PSTS Public Service Transport Service.

To render effective transport service, PSTS opened four transport service coordinating branch office located in the four corners of Addis Ababa namely, East , West, North and South branch offices.


PSTS One of the steps the government is taking to make the public service worker a beneficiary of development and progress is to provide a home-to workplace and from workplace to home public transport service for public service workers during working hours, This service was established by the Council of Ministers Regulation No. 298/2006, Proclamation No. 25/1984 on the establishment of public enterprises.

The Public Service Transport Service has been providing services to the public service to ensure that the public service is delivered to the workplace and the home in a safe and secure manner, without the harassment, and costly inconvenience caused by the lack of transportation services in the city. It is constantly providing transportation services to the public service by improving its organization and service delivery.




Did you know that our buses provide contract services for meetings, conferences, get to know your country, sports clubs and staff’s annual festival?


Annual Inspection

Did you know that our company is providing video-assisted vehicle technical inspection at a reasonable price in a few places in our capital Addis Ababa?



Save time and money by using our state-of-the-art buses provided by our state-of-the-art buses outside of check-in and check-out times.

For Passengers

  1. passengers to use the transport service they must to be a Federal or Addis Ababa city administration public service worker.
  2. passengers must have and show both public service ID and their organization ID 
  3. 10 minutes before the departure time of the bus, arrive at the departure point and bus stop, show ID and board
  4. When entering (boarding) the bus, outside of the hand bag, the security of the bus and other users Not carrying nuisances (pets, luggage, baskets, gas, oil, etc.)
  5. Keeping the bus clean, do not throw away soft, chewing gum, paper, etc
  6. passengers can can not damage facilities on the bus such as television, seat, seat belt, curtain etc
  7. Paying the line bill and holding a ticket when using public transport in the city.
  8. Show that you are on a trip when asked for a ticket or notification. Discard the ticket after the trip
  9. Not performing actions that disturb the comfort and safety of other travelers while traveling (harassment, loud talking, singing on mobile, chanting, playing music, etc.)
  10. When entering (boarding) the bus, enter in queues and queues, get on and off at stops only;
  11. Do not use Chat, cigarettes or other drugs in the bus
  12. Traveling without paying on city public transport will be fined five times the line fare. It is also required by the criminal law.
  13. It is forbidden to insult customers or employees of the company in the bus.
  14. It is mandatory to give priority to the disabled, pregnant women and the elderly.
  15. Wear a mouth and nose mask when boarding the bus
  16. After boarding the bus, lean against the door